Experience informs us that repetitive thoughts, smells, sights and sounds hugely influence our wellbeing – either negatively or positively.  In our practice as healers we have observed just how potently they do this and, alarmingly, how our perceptions can distort our value system, resulting in ill health or more accurately, a state of dis-ease.

Becoming aware that our consistent thoughts and words impact how we feel, that our emotions drive our behaviour and that our hidden core beliefs affect our happiness, connectivity, prosperity and sense of comfort in the world, is all that is needed to easily take back control of our well-being.

The Evaken Virtues provide a simple, joyful and practical tool to living a life that feels well.

The object is to feel well in ourselves. As this begins to happen, the vibrations we emanate reverberate throughout our homes, our neighbourhood, our workplace, our country, our continent and the world, resulting in a healthy consciousness in all living organisms.  This is unstoppable and powerful and serves to help us create a love-based world in which Abundance, Grace, Humility, Gratitude, Integrity, Acceptance and Balance can transform.

Through observing our thoughts, emotions, actions and words we begin to develop a sense of responsibility for ourselves in the world so that we begin to understand that our reality directly correlates with what we think, feel, do and say, consistently.

When remembered and practiced in our daily lives even in the smallest way, these Virtues can lead us to live life more fully, clearly and with purpose. The more we embrace these Virtues, the easier it is for us to feel ‘well’.  At the same time they bring us to understanding ourselves as light, energetically-fuelled, magnificently perfect, connected and abundant individuals.

As healers we employ the Virtues as part of our practice to steer an individual’s health back to a comfortable place. And we have observed how, by merely being aware of them as stepping stones to achieving a feeling of ‘wellness’, the Evaken Virtues become a delight to use and to share in our everyday lives.

The Evaken Virtues are non-prescriptive, non-denominational, non-judgemental and inclusive primal values which we possess within ourselves.

Each and every individual will practice them differently and is free to draw their own understanding of the individual Virtues that make up the Evaken Virtues.  The more we invite the Virtues into our lives, the more we see and practice them, the more the original intentions to create peace and harmony in the world will resonate.

We can think of no better gift to humanity than to espouse goodness through the daily application of the Evaken Virtues in ways that bring pleasure and nurturing through processes we all carry out routinely in our daily lives.

This has led us to engage these Virtues in products that bring our attention to them daily, effortlessly and in the most enjoyable and gentle way possible. 

Each product in the Evaken Virtues range is delicately and lovingly conceived and produced to resonate with the INTENTION of the Virtue under which it is presented.

Applying the Virtues through the EVAKEN VIRTUES Skincare

As the largest organ in the body and the first organ to protect us and provide us with clues to deeper issues, the skin presents an important gateway for the Virtues to be employed.  We have applied the intentional principles of the Evaken Virtues to the development of products that resonate with our natural value system through the skin and senses.

At conception, we allow the intention of each Virtue to guide and inform us as to the vibrational outcome of the product. While our methodology is highly protected, the construction of each product is minutely measured for its intentional composition by calling on vibrational wisdom from the plant and mineral kingdoms and our relationship with ancient knowledge, which is a personal and very soulful process during this phase.

Of paramount importance is the base into which we infuse these intentions. This must comply with stringent ‘do-no-harm’ and ‘less-is-more’ principles which are essential tenets of the products we make.

Each flower used to represent the individual Virtue has been chosen through a series of intuitive processes that we employ as part of our methodology, to emit vitality in line with the intention of that Virtue and to honour the crowning glory of the plant. The colour of the Virtue resonates with the energy field surrounding those intentions within each Virtue. The pure aromatic symphonies are intuitively blended to resonate with the flowers, colours and intention of each Virtue. Ultimately however, it is the consistent INTENTION that weaves its way through all of these elemental phases to blossom as a wholly curated end product.

Even the outward presentation of the products has been intuitively developed and created to ensure that the message of the Virtues radiates and beckons us to remember them.

Finally, regardless of whether the Evaken Virtues’ affirmations or processes are employed regularly, we provide a means by which we can remember them in our daily skin-care routine.  This is effortless yet hugely productive as a way to remind our Vital Healing Force of our intention to do good for ourselves and the world around us.