Abundantly Seychelles

From Seychelles with love

Only the most pristine, healing environment of the Seychelles Islands can provide what is required to make our naturally soothing and healing skincare products. It is here, surrounded by the pure, powerful, abundant nature of our granitic Islands that these loved and trusted sensorial and sensitive delights start their journey to loyal and trusting users the world over.



Driven by good intentions and a profound desire to be "the change we would like to see in the world"we are wholly committed to:

  • inspire and empower our patrons to feel abundantly and vibrantly happy inside and out
  • be valued for the quality and effectiveness of our products
  • enhance the health and well being of all living species through the safe, intentional and effective products we make
  • to be fair, to care and to be ethical in all aspects of our business
  • to create an environment of trust and good intentions for the benefit of all



First, we do no harm to our world, the people and creatures that inhabit it. Then we aim to support the vital healing force at all times through the skin while we nurture, nourish and pamper it, leaving the senses aromatically and therapeutically charged. 

Employing a "less-is-more" homeopathic approach fortified by scientific principles for stability and safety, we carefully incorporate bio-actives and healing essences into our formulations to help stimulate vibrant health on a mental, physical and emotional level.



To promote and enhance natural health and vitality, developing our knowledge of the natural world as it continually discloses its magical healing prowess. To employ these teachings to further provide enduring, consistent, exceptional health and skincare that truly informs others to care more about the health and well-being of themselves, their family, friends and of course Mother Earth.