The story of EVAKEN products reaches back many decades. The founder and developer Eleanor Jenny Gilbert (König) tells her story in “Reflections of founder and developer of EVAKEN VIRTUES”.

EVAKEN Europe started in  in 2021. Experiencing EVAKEN  products ourselves and making EVAKEN VIRTUES part of our daily routine – supporting our vibrational wellbeing in our busy jobs - for many years - Chris and I decided to make them accessible in Europe.


How it all began:

Traveling to the wonderful Islands of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean for many years and making them emotionally our second home, one rainy day we travelled up the Mountain along Sans Souci through this amazing tropical forest.

Some hot drink would be nice – at this very moment our attention was drawn to a sign which promised drinks and great view.

As we passed the “Lily Moon” shop into “The Station” we were drawn into “another world”. At this very moment we decided that we had to stay here (The Station Retreat Hotel) for at least one night on our next trip – and so we did.

 After this one night in the healing vibrational environment of “The Station” under the highest peak of Seychelles overlooking Victoria and the Inner Islands we knew – we had to come back. And we did – faster than expected.

We checked in at our next destination and decided after 10 minutes that we are not able to stay - but we had to go back.

Returning to “The Station” many times experiencing the EVAKEN products, the healing environment , healthy food and meeting those two very special souls Jenny and Peter – who are precious to us – , learning more about the Virtues and Jennys principles of formulating,  the four of us decided that the EVAKEN VIRTUES and EVAKEN products should be accessible to humanity -  not only in Seychelles.

EVAKEN Products are handmade by a dedicated team of Seychelloise ladies at “The Station”. Therefore sometimes we do not have all products available – which we hope you will understand. You can always sign up to get information as soon as the product of your desire is available again.

In Europe we are a small team – processing your orders with love and answering your questions with pleasure.

Please also let us be part of your EVAKEN story.

Regine, Chris and the EVAKEN Team