Reflections by founder & developer of EVAKEN VIRTUES

August 2019

I had been involved in the fashion and computer industry up until I became a mother. I was a career girl, with little or no experience of babies.   After 11 years of marriage, I was totally overwhelmed by the whole experience and I wasn’t alone. Most of my friends were also late moms so we all fumbled around in the dark together during our pregnancies. I think that none of us really knew just what miracles were being created in our lives or how irreversibly our babies would change us - in different ways of course. 

My son Kurt was born on a beautiful sunny South African afternoon in 1989.  I felt like I would explode with love (which still keeps growing every day)!   My most poignant memories of the first few hours after Kurt was born were those of devotion to him. I needed to comfort and protect my baby.  I didn’t even know where these emotions were coming from and over the days and weeks that followed, those feelings turned into a more cognitive realization that I was absolutely responsible for the health and safety of my child.

His perfection and purity became my teacher. The path I travelled from those days more than 30 years ago would lead me to the birth of the special products I make to this very day.

At the time of Kurt’s birth I could easily have been blindly led into thinking that anything that was labelled ‘baby’ was safe and that what my mom or aunt or post-natal clinic Sister suggested was ‘gospel’.   Admittedly they’d done it all before - and knew more than I did about raising babies. Or did they?  

After many heated debates about how I should or shouldn’t be nurturing my baby, I was dismissed by most as being more stressed and uptight than I needed to be and altogether a little bit too ‘alternative’ in my beliefs and healing choices for Kurt.  


But I couldn’t help myself. I had many questions that were unanswered and the personal life-changing, life-saving experience I’d had with Homeopathy had irreversibly altered my understanding of how to nurture a state of wellness.

Moreover I had also badly scarred my face using totally organic, natural products highly recommended by ‘people in the know’ at the time. These purportedly all natural, wonderfully nourishing and healing skincare products had not only turned my face into a purple football but ultimately rendered my skin acutely hyper-sensitive which it is to this day.

As a result of that trauma I had good reason to be concerned about what I would ever dare to apply on my baby’s delicate skin.  And learning to trust nature again became a priority. Driven by a desire to ensure my son would never suffer the same fate, I turned to my father who would put into perspective the subtle nuances of how to treat nature in a cosmetic sense and how to temper its unbridled potency for the safest and most effective use on the skin.

Given my experiences, I couldn’t trust the lotions, potions, sterilizing liquids, baby foods and drinks that virtually every mom used without question.  I knew keeping my child’s healing energy in balance was my first priority and that my choices would directly affect his mental, physical and emotional health in the long term. 

After years of learning to accept and understand myself as an ‘energetic’ organism through the teachings of my Homeopath, who was also my Mentor, it was my father, a highly respected chemist and technical guru, who validated my homeopathic teachings and instilled in me the wonder of energy and the respect required when dealing with natural ingredients. 

I came to learn that natural ingredients were all too often considered safe when in fact they can be exceedingly powerful and even toxic.  It was in this ‘classroom’, presided over by my homeopathic teacher and my father, that I came to love and respect the concept that science, nature and universal energy all had an imperative role to play in what I wanted to create – a safe, effective and enlightened range of products which could be relied upon to nurture and comfort even the most irritated skin.

After 2 years of development involving scrupulous tests on my own hyper-sensitive face and body, we slowly introduced the products into my son’s daily regiment. His delicate baby skin loved it.  And so in 1991 we launched our debut baby product, the world’s first Rooibos baby tea, which pioneered holistic baby products in South Africa.  This calming tea that is rich in essential minerals and anti-oxidants was to elevate the employment of Rooibos extracts in skincare the world over. What followed shortly was the world first baby fabric care products and skin care range.

I have spent my adulthood encouraging others to find the strength to trust their own healing instincts. From our base in the mountains of Sans Souci on the Seychelles islands where I pioneered Homeopathy, I have been privileged to work with a wide section of the local and ex-pat communities as well as travellers to our island, honing my skills to help support, calm and eliminate skincare problems.  Daily we deal with an explosion of fairly serious and often chronic skin conditions with patients who invariably end up at our health centre when all other methods to cure have been exhausted. It is this experience that most significantly influences all our product development. The physical, practical experience with skin issues is our guide and informer, leading us to help heal and stabilize even the worst conditions imaginable by using our trusted products and combining their gentle support with Homeopathy, Reiki, Crystal Healing and a little carefully-selected herbal material when needed.

Our work at The Station, Sans Souci, is driven by a passion to empower each and every individual who comes through our doors. When they do, we feel it is a duty to humanity to encourage them in the most elegant, non-judgmental way possible, to work with and respect nature and to embrace the incredible healing power of Universal energy to support their health and the health of their family.

Our baby range, which forms the foundation of all development, proved that our products work impeccably.  I hold firmly to the lessons from my teachers and even when tempted to try new ingredients that do come onto the market (now more than ever), it is a rare occurrence that we change anything in our formulations and methodology which date back to those early years, unless such raw materials are proven 100% kind and gentle and the change will enhance the efficacy and quality of the products without compromise.

Our products have consistently soothed and calmed sensitive skin of all ages and types without even the slightest irritation and have won the hearts of so many through their gentle, almost tangible vibrational intelligence. The real value of this is of course immeasurable but nonetheless tried, tested and validated by our clients over 3 decades.

By far the greatest pleasure for me is to meet dedicated users of our products living in Seychelles or thousands of miles away.  It is a privilege to witness the wonderful results from the use of our products and to know that we have directly touched so many happy users with them. We create and deliver quality, uncompromised products that are intentional and which nurture and nourish at all levels.

It remains to be said that the spirit of Ken Gilbert (father and chemist) and Ursula Wunderlich (Homeopath and mentor) lives within each product we make.  Their teaching and wisdom coupled with my enduring commitment to make a difference, has led me to create the intentional products of the EVAKEN VIRTUES range.  These are products made with great love and faith in humanity and I trust that they will serve you well.

With loving intentions,


Jenny E Gilbert (König)

CEO & Founder- EVAKEN VIRTUES products